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It was been common norm for Steam to host massive sales throughout the year . This year is no different. Steam will soon be coming with their massive summer sales, to rip open the wallets and steal every last penny from it. Every gamer waits till “Day Zero”, when the Steam sales start ripping apart wallets.

The dates for this year’s Steam’s summer sales have been leaked. The leaks come directly from Reddit, where an user posted a screenshot of the confirmation of the dates from the Steamworks developers group. The screenshot says that the supposed Steam summer sales run from 22nd June to 5th July.

Only developers get into the Steamworks developers group, but once in, they are exposed to a lot of sensitive information, and it is difficult to ensure that the same information isn’t being communicated to the outside world. The Reddit users who leaked the dates can face harsh consequences on account of a breach of the NDA that was signed when they entered the group.

Every year, it’s only a matter of time before the dates are leaked and every gamers gets their money ready to add a few thousand games to their Steam accounts which they will rarely play. But then again, buying games during sales is a joyous affair, especially when you have quite some virtual friends to play with.

Like every leak, this information should be taken with a pinch of salt, until Valve officially releases the dates for the duration of the Steam sale. Nevertheless, it is something to think about ; and start saving up before the sales strike, because no wallet is safe from the thunderous eyes of King Gabe.

Kudos to PCGamesN for finding out about the leak :


Here’s the Reddit thread where the leaked dates are being discussed :

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