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UPI (United Payments Interface) has made a return in Valorant allowing users to purchase VP (Valorant Points) directly using a highly popular and convenient payment method. Riot Games India and SA announced the return on X (previously known as Twitter).

The UPI system had already been a part of the payment option in Valorant earlier this year. However, due to increasing failure rates, many complaints stockpiled across social media. The players were unhappy as they eagerly waited for a skin to arrive in the market and by the time the VP was credited or refunded the skin had already left the market. Following this UPI method was pulled while Riot investigated the issue.

But now, thanks to the valiant efforts of Riot India, it seems the players across the country will be making their investments in various offerings. This will especially benefit the Night Market offerings that still have 3 days left before expiring as of writing this article.

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