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The award-winning HD-2D RPG, LIVE A LIVE is now available on the PlayStation®5 (PS5™) console, the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) console† and PC via STEAM®. Previously released as a new HD-2D remake to critical acclaim on the Nintendo Switch™ system last year, LIVE A LIVE is a story-driven HD-2D RPG from Team Asano, highly regarded for OCTOPATH TRAVELER™, BRAVELY DEFAULT™ II and TRIANGLE STRATEGY™.

LIVE A LIVE offers players the freedom to explore eight different stories with eight different characters, each set within different time periods spanning from a pre-historic era to the Wild West, and more. In addition to a unique and highly strategic battle system referred to as “checker battle system”, players can also enjoy mastering a wide variety of different gameplay mechanics in each chapter, such as stealth, suspense, and trap placement. Players will also be able to tailor their gameplay adventure to their preference; the episodic story format gives players the freedom to complete each chapter from start to finish in any order they choose, or even play through a little of each chapter in parallel at the same time.
Produced by Takashi Tokita (CHRONO TRIGGER® and FINAL FANTASY® IV), the director of the original version, LIVE A LIVE has been revitalized using HD-2D technology that blends the nostalgia of pixel art with modern graphics, offering a classic RPG gameplay experience with updated visuals on both PS4, PS5, and PC. Players can also look forward to a rearranged version of the game’s soundtrack which has been recreated under the supervision of LIVE A LIVE’s original composer, Yoko Shimomura (FINAL FANTASY XVThe KINGDOM HEARTS Series).

A free playable demo is available to download from the PlayStation Store and STEAM. In the LIVE A LIVE demo, players will be able to play the opening sections of three of the eight stories in the game: The Wild West, Twilight of Edo Japan, and The Distant Future. Upon purchase, PlayStation and STEAM* players will also be able to carry over their saved progress to the full version of the game**, allowing them to continue their gameplay experience from where they left off when the game launches.
LIVE A LIVE is now available digitally on the PlayStation 5 console, the PlayStation 4 console, and PC via STEAM. Upon purchase via PlayStation Store, players will receive a purchase bonus which includes a PlayStation 4 theme***.  Upon purchase via STEAM, players will receive a wallpaper for PC. A 20% off introductory offer will also be available to STEAM players who purchase the game before May 11, 2023

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