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We humans love to typecast stuff. Types of rocks, types of ice-cream, types of games, and even types of people. We just love it. So we at IndianNoob decided to sit down and mix 2 things that we love together. Gamers and types. TYPECAST AHOY!!!

Some gamers like RPGs whereas some gamers like hack and slash. But look closely enough, you’ll find that in every gamer there is a pattern. This pattern may vary from person to person but can be broadly classified into types/classes/branches (whatever you like to call it). So let’s have a look at the different kinds of gamers whom you (may have met / will meet) throughout your life.

The Graphic Whore


Many people who are newly introduced to gaming, initially only go for more graphical fidelity. But let’s not generalize. There are quite a few people who go only on looks. Most of them own pretty high end gaming rigs, and are the ones who create comparison videos between different platforms. These people like games which are on the lines of Crysis and Assassin’s Creed, and generally don’t play the classic games. Indie games don’t generally appeal this crowd and hence they live like the ‘Frog in the well’. The one kind of people who are most frustrated in this category are the ones with low configured PCs for obvious reasons. The only way to make them accept other games is by making them realize that ‘All that glitters is not gold’.

The Pros

The reality of E-Sports
The reality of E-Sports

E-sports is their life and only one game is their food. These guys play only one game throughout their life and try to become the best in that. You will either see them playing or watching gameplay footage of various pro players. Even going to the washroom is a burden to these people, because they can’t stop thinking about how to get better at the game. Social life is limited only to the ones who share their interest in the game and you’ll generally find them walking around with genuine gaming equipment. A normal Logitech mouse and a Microsoft keyboard is not enough for them. They own mile wide mouse-pads and pilot quality headsets.

The One Platform to Rule them ALL gamers

The origin of the console war

Now this type of person is one of the most annoying one. He/She will buy a gaming system and keep challenging everyone into a debate of why his/her system is better. He does that because he/she has computed and simulated that battle in his mind a million times before he/she went out and bought his console of choice.

Another meme just to drive the point home
Another meme just to drive the point home

Most of the person’s posts on social media sites will be in favor of the console’s support and may sometimes also be an indirect attack on the other consoles. Most of the games in such as person’s library will be the console exclusives. Unless you tie the person up and force him to see better games on various platforms, he’ll/she’ll never accept defeat. He/she is the one who makes all those memes degrading your current console.

The Sporty Ones

What's unrealistic is my brother beating me at a video game
What’s unrealistic is my brother beating me at a video game

You know these ones. They are your brothers or cousins. Who suck at every other game, but still end up beating you in every sport game, ever created. One particular sport is their passion and it is the only thing they think about, even while playing video games. As you can probably imagine that FIFA, NBA, NHL are the games that they play and always have the latest iteration of the game. They are like the pro players in some way, but do not share the same amount of flare for video games, obviously because their passion is the sport and not the game.

The AAAddicts

How a AAA game meeting goes
How a AAA game meeting goes

These kinds of people only play games which are developed by big companies like EA, Rockstar, Ubisoft etc. They refuse to believe that these games can be bad and presume that they are the best games. Similar to the Graphic Whores they don’t go for indie games. They buy games based on franchises, and are the ones who buy games on Day 1. They are like the upper class Indian, if its expensive and branded, its supposed to be good.

The Hardcore

That image is accurate minus the boobs, the figure and it has the wrong gender

This is us. We play games, because its fun. But at some point in our life; it became more than fun. It became important. We refuse sleep for hours until we are able to beat a particularly difficult boss. We open up websites, so we can share our views about video games with the world. We try to play as much, as many, and as quickly as we can. We remember patterns, we create walk-through videos, we go on achievement hunts. WE ARE THE GAMERS.

The Casuals


On the other end of the spectrum is the Casual. These guys play games for sheer fun. These are your dads, your uncle, your nephew, your wife and/or your girlfriend. They don’t crave for specific games and play whichever games they can get their hands on. They enjoy every platfrom, but have a certain tendency for mobile. They get confused by games which are too deep and enjoy the simplicity of games such as Clash Of Clans and Candy Crush.

Old is Gold

Whatever happened to Sonic and Battle Toads
Whatever happened to Sonic and Battle Toads

There are many retro gamers here and there. The generation of 8-bit games has not lost it’s charm. There will always be a spot in our hearts for classic Mario, Pacman and Contra. They don’t necessarily decry the newer games, they just prefer the older ones. These are the people who were gamers before the term GAMER was born, and they always have an anecdote when they see you downloading a new game, playing a multipayer game or just simply upgrading your PC or buying the latest console.

Do you agree with us? Do you find all this to be hogwash…Let us know in the comments below.

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