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There’s 4 different types of gamers:

  • The PvP Gamer
  • The MMO Gamer
  • The single player campaign Gamer
  • …….and finally the Co-op gamers!

If you belong to the fourth category and absolutely LOVE games in which you and your fellow teammates have to coordinate yourselves to complete your objectives, then here’s some games you’ve gotta try out….



Let’s start with the classic and one of my absolute favorites. There’s a lot of gamers who don’t really like minecraft due to the graphics being really old school (there was a time when I was one of them!), but once you get used to the graphics, THAT’s where the fun begins! The goal of the game is to survive from practically nothing, and finally slay the ender dragon who resides in THE END. I still remember staying up all night with my brother and cousins playing minecraft on the XBOX!

Left 4 dead series


The Left 4 Dead games are First Person Shooters with a team of 4 stuck in a post apocalyptic, zombie infested world, in which we must get through a HELL of a lot of zombies to reach ‘safe rooms’, which mark the end of a level. The game is SUPER creepy at times, and you need to rely on your friends to revive you whenever you’re down. There’s nothing more oddly satisfying than to slay hordes of zombies with all your pals!

Payday series


You’re a team of 4 thieves who are on a series of missions centered around stealing certain objects, or a large amount of money, and you have to prevent the police from arresting you. You can take hostages in the game and trade them for your captured teammates. While playing the levels, players will notice a lot of variation in a single level, as there are often a large number of random events programmed in. The music’s really epic, the gameplays FULL of adrenaline, and the satisfaction of pulling off a successful heist makes this a must-play for all you co-op gamers out there!

The Borderlands series


Probably one of the most EPIC co-op game ever! The Borderlands series has it all….LOADS of ADRENALINE!……humor which only a few games could rival…..an AMAZING story-line and the BEST part……..more than 17.75 MILLION different guns, each of which are full of AWESOMENESS! Its a First Person Shooter Role Playing Game, which means the more you play, the stronger you get! You take down CRAZY bosses, and complete quests in order to uncover an ancient vault, guarded by an EXTREMELY powerful being called the warrior. This is one game you HAVE to play with your friends!


GIGA YouTube-Thumbnail-Maske

Grand Theft Auto Online is stuffed full of co-op scenarios, but the best experiences are found in the Heists. These multi-part missions ask you and three other players to take part in everything : from the setup – casing the joint and grabbing getaway vehicles – all the way to the caper itself! The online co-op experience in GTA V is amazing and those lucky enough to have a system that runs it should definitely try it!

ibb and obb


Ibb and obb is one of the less famous games that everyone should try out. It’s a puzzle platformer with two characters: ibb and obb, who navigate through levels. It has an underground world with an inverted gravity, and spiky balls with white counterparts in the other world, which you have to touch in order to destroy the spiky balls. The levels are well designed, and the feeling of completing a tough level with your pal makes it a must-play!

Portal 2

Portal 2

The co-op mode of portal 2 is one of the best features of the game! With the 2 characters being ATLAS and p-body, two robots created for the sole purpose of testing courses created by GLADOS (The AI antagonist of the game). The mind-boggling puzzles require two people (or robots) with portal guns and the sense of satisfaction on solving these puzzles makes this a game you should add to your to-play list!

Any games we’ve missed out? Do let us know in the comments below!

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