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Batman Arkham series is undoubtedly is one of the most successful game series introduced by Rocksteady Studios. Who would not like to play as Batman, facing some of his biggest enemies and performing all the cool action feats using cool gadgets?

We here at the IndianNoob team are so smitten by the Arkham series that we even nominated Arkham Knight for G.O.T.Y back when it released. Arkham series gave rise to the perfect Batman world for the fans and the franchise’s continued relevance throughout the years has given gamers plenty of other mind-boggling moments within the games themselves.

4 games and 8 years in, here 5 of the best moments in the entire Arkham series.




5. Arkham Knight appears for the first time

Arkham Knight definitely created a lot of hype when its trailer dropped. People had a lot of expectations from the same, and the expectations were met (If you can look past the bad PC port). Arkham Knight is a super villain who was created specifically for the game by Rocksteady. The Arkham Knight was rendered in an amazing way. Terrifying and fearsome, this lionhearted devil will bring the chills down your spine, a proper match for the erudite adroit of the dauntless, Arkham Knight is Batman’s equal in every way.

None of it is showcased more when the Arkham Knight meets the Batman for the first time. He knows Batman. He knows his tactics, he knows his ways. He knows where his armor is the strongest. Too bad that he turned out to be Jason Todd and not a bona fide new super villain that we had been promised, but that single moment in the entire Arkham series, solidified the Arkham Knight as a new type of threat, and equal in every way.

4. Welcome To Killer Croc’s Lair

If you ask me, Killer Croc is one of the most underrated villains in the entire Batman series. But if asked “What is that in the Arkham Asylum game which gave you the chills?” Well, Killer Croc’s lair will be the unanimous answer. While at a point when the game was becoming repetitive, Rocksteady added a bombshell. By introducing the lair Rocksteady fruitfully endeavored to strike fear into the hearts of the players.

And the most beautiful part about this, It made sense gameplay wise too. Killer croc is adept to watery environment. Hence, the lair was something which he could use to his advantage. Sudden attacks of the Croc, difficult paths and the lair’s spooky environment gave the player a sense as to how deadly the Croc can be. Sudden movements made by the player will attract trouble, this little touch seeks to improve the quality of gameplay by increasing the difficulty and thereby testing the players patience and their capability of evading from potential danger.

3. Bane finds out Batman’s Identity

Bane is one of the most powerful villains whom batman has faced. In Arkham Origins we can see how menacing Bane can turn into a real threat once he injects some amount of Titan into his body. But what happens if Bane comes to know about Batman’s identity? This has happened in Arkham Origins. Bane, a furious super villain had been hired by the Joker to assassinate the Batman. In the process he comes to know that Bruce Wayne, the millionaire philanthropist is one who had been using the alias of Batman to protect Gotham and its citizen.

This was an unexpected twist in the game that nobody was expecting. Even Batman was flabbergasted after finding out that Bane had attempted to eliminate Alfred, his butler and the only person he would trust and call family. But Bane didn’t stop there. The nefarious villain, with the help of Joker took over Arkham Asylum and lured the masked vigilante in to exterminate him. The last battle between Batman and the muscular brute was a memorable one without a doubt.

2. Entry Of the Madness

This is the second first appearance on this list and for good reason. Recognized as the harbinger of chaos and madness, the Joker is an incomparable character that the finest of DC have ever produced. Arkham series dived deep into the life of the Joker, about the pretext behind his psychic persona. Arkham origins clarified that the Joker was not attacking Batman because of hatred, but that he was doing it out of fear. The very first meeting between the two compelled the Joker to realise that he is but a mere mortal and was no different from other people. This fear is what drives the Joker to be close to Batman, to kill him.

The Arkham series depicted various shades of the deranged maniac. In the Arkham Origins the Joker was drawn into an insane and chaotic character whereas in the Arkham City the relationship between Harley and Joker was romantically portrayed. His one-liners, the dreadful laugh- this is what everyone wanted from the Joker and needless to say they received the same. The Joker’s menacing disposition hauled a great deal of popularity to the franchise. I mean, he was freaking everywhere pushing Batman to his limits.

  1. The Last Laugh (Death Of The Joker)

If you were expecting a twist, go and play Arkham City. You already knew it was coming right? Joker truly deserves the top two spots on the list. What was the penultimate shocker that occurs at the end of the Arkham City? Who can’t answer that? it was Joker’s death. I bet anyone who has played the game would not have expected the game to end like this. It is one of the most jaw-dropping plot twists in the entire series. But the irony is that Joker ends up being the cause of his own death, accidentally breaking a phial of antidote he needed to cure his Titan sickness.

The wide open eyes and confused look on the faces of the many police officers and thugs surrounded Batman as he carried the Joker’s body out into the street. Even I was quite dumbfound when I first completed the Arkham City. While some were not happy with the end of the game, many were still satisfied as it truly put an end to the story. The frenzied hysterics that broke out of the Joker’s mouth, the sinister grin that garnished the face lunatic and the fear induced by the menacing psychopath are indelible pictures that will flood back the memories of the nostalgic fans of the Batman games.

What?? Your best moments are not on the list? Well, you can mention them in the comments for us to read.

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