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Every amateur Valorant player can learn more about their favorite game by analyzing the settings used by professional gamers. One inspirational professional who is currently establishing a dynamic reputation in Valorant tournaments is Max ‘Demon1’ Mazanova.

Demon1 Professional Career

The American, Demon1, was born in 2002. His outstanding gaming skills as part of Evil Geniuses quickly brought him to the attention of event organizers. In 2023, Esports Awards chose Demon1 as their Esports Breakthrough Player of the Year. In the same year, twenty-one-year-old Demon1 was hailed as the MVP Champion of Valorant. Los Angeles outfit, Team NRG, was impressed enough to sign Demon1 as a professional member of its Valorant squad. Following his personal in-game settings could help improve the gaming skills of any Valorant player.

Demon1 Monitor and Mouse Settings

Players often have a preference for monitors and resolution. Demon1 likes to use a Zowie XL2566K monitor. It provides him with a great resolution of 1920×1080. An aspect ratio of 16:9 allows him to obtain a clear analysis of the on-screen action. He generally prefers low graphic settings that help sustain the refresh rate of 360Hz.

Mouse settings are a fundamental element of a profession player’s game. Demon1 generally opts for a Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition mouse. He prefers a contrasting set of values to enhance his swift reflex actions during competitive matches. These consist of a high DPI value of 1600 and a low sensitivity of just 0.1.

Demon1 Crosshair and Clarity

    Valorant is one of the fastest esports games with plenty of action that requires equally fast reactions. Crosshair settings are an important aspect of making shots deadly accurate. With Demon1’s lethal accuracy in dispatching opponents, players often want to emulate his settings. Demon1 uses a relatively small crosshair. It usually shows white with a narrow black outline.

    Graphic clarity can be vastly improved by adjusting settings to Demon1’s preferences. He usually sets texture and detail quality to low and switches off vignette. Anisotropic Filtering (AF) is a complex system that affects the appearance of map textures. Demon1 currently prefers a relatively low AF setting of four times. He also turns off cast shadows and, bloom, and distortion.

    Demon1 Map Settings

      Map settings usually affect how a player’s agent interacts with the terrain. Demon1 likes a minimap size of 1.2 combined with a 0.8 zoom. He prefers a fixed orientation that’s based on side with centering player facility turned off.

      Demon1 Keybinds

      Operating an agent requires high concentration and effective keybinds. Demon1 uses Left Shift for agent walking, and Left Ctrl for crouching. He generally prefers to use the space bar for jumping. He equips primary Weapons with ‘C’, Secondary Weapons with ‘Q’, and Melee Weapons with ‘E’. Check out the 1337PRO Valorant tournament schedule and learn more about Demon1’s favored settings.

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