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We are almost 2 years into the release of PS4 and Xbox One, and it’s been a good 2 years. The games have been rolling out regularly and the next gen has started to show what it is capable of. But there remain 2 questions of polar differences in people which are:

1.  Is this the limit of the next gen?


2.  What are we going to see next?


I agree that the questions are practically for all reasons impossible to answer and totally opposite in terms of reference. Now let’s view the questions from the perspective of a PC gamer. With the Star Citizen releasing next year, the PC gamers are pretty much in two states of minds. Either they are thinking “What the hell?” or “Hell Yeah!”. The reason for this is that the game is awesome in theory and the system requirements (in theory) are pretty huge as well, which has the PC community a bit disappointed. But to many PC gamers, this is like an incentive for buying a new PC, which include us also. The PC community is also aware of the under-performing consoles, which are not able to provide a stable 30 fps in 1080p. Games like GTA V and Witcher 3 look very good on PCs and give good frame rates as well. Thus many are pondering over the fact over whether the limit of the current gen has been reached.

Criysis - Pc vs ps4[4]

We can already see in the above lines that there are lots of debatable views among PC gamers. Now let’s have a look at the viewpoints of the console gamers. Games keep on coming; Infamous: Second Son, Remasters of God Of War and The Last of Us, Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight. All these games were graphically above the vast majority and the consoles proved their worth. The general gaming community is wondering what’s next and the consoles are bringing new things to the table, with even Virtual Reality in tag. At this side of the river it seems that the current gen consoles are just beginning to sprout and they are going to go a long way down the road.


So in the end the question remains:

“What exactly is next gen?”

This question remains unanswered because with every game, reviewers keep claiming that “This game is next gen, that game is next gen.” Hence we cannot be sure if we have reached the limit of the next gen or is it just the beginning of a new saga. Let us know in the comments below what you think is truly next gen and stay tuned to the Noob for many more interesting ponderous stuff.

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