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1. Guts & Glory

Guts and Glory follows the adventures of a father and a son as they try to cross a ‘sort of’ obstacle course containing mines, cannon balls and shredders. It’s a physics driven, sanboxy game where the player has to avoid obstacles to avoid dying in some arguably fancy manners. The game is inspired by the likes of Happy Wheels, Turbo Dismount, Trials, Mario Kart, BeamNG, and even Super Meat Boy.


More information on the game can be found on Steam and their homepage.

2. Stage 3

Stage 3 is a hack and slash RPG and is still very early into it’s development. It is the story of a knight who wakes up in a strange place with no memory of his past. Trying to regain his memories he discovers he can use his dreams to enter a castle full of fantasy where his memories lies. Being very early in development, not much is known except for the fact that there will be procedurally generated levels and will feature a highly customizable armor crafting system.


3. Overcharged

Racing with sports cars has been overdone in my opinion and it’s high time we saw some change. Overcharged is looking to do exactly that weaponized RC cars. Overcharged is a soul successor of Acclaim’s original Re-Volt game. Overcharged is a racing game where you drive RC Cars through the different environments. In addition to this, you have weapons to take advantage in the race.

4. The Misfits

Imagine Gears of War dipped in cel shading, with some added gameplay mechanics, a touch of humor, faster gameplay and a pinch of style and that’s the best I can describe this game. No classes, No Exosuits, No problem. Take advantage of cover, weapon pickups and good old fashioned communication to destroy the opposing team.

More details on the game can be found here.

5. Infinity: Battlescape

Infinity: Battlescape is a first person perspective multiplayer space sim where 100s of players involve themselves in large scale dogfighting. The developer has stated that:

We’re working to recreate the epic space battles seen in popular movies and TV series such as Star Wars, Serenity, and Battlestar: Galactica. Combined with our ability to handle seamless planetary transitions and our focus on perfecting space combat, we’re going to create a well polished experience that really distinguises itself from other space games. Our technology by itself provides an unforgettable experience and the media that have received the prototype have spent entire days just flying around and exploring

More details about the game can be found here.

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