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Tirth “Gcttirth” Mehta qualifies for the Hearthstone Championship Tour Asia-Pacific Spring Playoffs

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Tirth “Gcttirth” Mehta qualifies from the Asia-Pacific region for the Hearthstone Championship Tour Spring Playoffs. He will now get to compete with 7 other players for a spot at the Season Championship!

List of the players who qualified for the Asia-Pacific play offs of the Hearthstone Championship Tour

Considering India’s lackluster attitude towards esports in general, 2017 has been a positive year for esports, with tons of investment for big tournaments within the country. However it comes to the performance in esports beyond the borders of the country, India is still lacking behind. It is during times like these, when heroes like “Giga Champ Tirth” get to herald India’s cause in tournaments beyond the borders of the country. Not all heroes wear capes.

As seen from his Twitter account, Tirth’s decks are as follows : 

We wish Tirth all the best, and hope that he gets to qualify for the Spring Championship.

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