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THQ Nordic today announced that their fully-owned subsidiary Koch Media GmbH has acquired rights to TimeSplitters and Second Sight IPs, for an undisclosed amount of money.

TimeSplitters is a classic first-person shooter video game trilogy developed by Free Radical Design. The studio was later acquired by German-based video game company Crytek and later re-named as Crytek UK. Although, the majority of its staff had moved to then-newly formed studio Deep Silver Dambuster, which is an owned subsidiary of THQ Nordic.

Here’s THQ Nordic’s official statement:

“Timesplitters was largely considered as one of the most influential console games of the early 2000’s. The three game series earned a large and passionate fan base thanks to its unique humour, art style and pop culture references while encouraging customization and modification to give each person their own individual experience. Timesplitters was originally created by the development studio Free Radical Design that later become Deep Silver Dambuster, part of the THQ Nordic group.”

The company further added that they’ve also acquired the rights to Free Radical Design’s averagely-received sci-fi action-adventure game, Second Sight.

“In addition to Timesplitters, the IP and the rights to science fiction action-adventure game Second Sight were acquired. Both acquisitions were made through THQ Nordic’s fully owned subsidiary Koch Media GmbH”.

The company didn’t announce any future plans for both the games, though they added that “full details of future Timesplitters and Second Sight products will be revealed in due course”.

Does this mean a new TimeSplitters or Second Sight game is in works? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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