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It’s a new week, and it’s time for Epic to be generous again. This week’s line up for Epic Store freebies are two amazing games – ‘3 out of 10, EP 1‘ and ‘Wilmot’s Warehouse‘.

The games are free for you to own, only if you go to Epic games store and claim your games before August 13, 8:30 PM (IST). So go ahead and enrich your library with these amazing games.

Also if you aren’t sure what you’re claiming, don’t worry we got you covered.

3 out of 10, EP 1: Welcome to Shovelworks is a fun, animated game. Where you will join Shovelworks Studios as an animator but nothing will seem to be normal for you, as you will be facing tonnes of challenges and your goal is to improve your game which seems almost impossible. The game is divided into 5 episodes and you’ll be getting every episode free, every week. The game consists of narratively driven mini-games and is the world’s first playable sitcom.

Wilmot’s Warehouse is a game for people who love organizing and keeping things in their place. You’ll be playing as Wilmot, who has a huge warehouse. You will receive deliveries and you have to keep them organized (for your own benefit) and remember where you keep them. After receiving the delivery, you’ll find customers who will come and buy stuff from you and you have to quickly collect items that you’ve kept to meet everything the customers ask for in a limited time.

This week’s games seem very exciting compared to the ones we’ve been receiving for quite a while. We also got to know what we will be receiving for the next week’s free titles and they are – “Remnant: From the Ashes” and “The Alto Collection”

Love freebies? Check out the all-time favorite 2D fighting platformer Brawlhalla, now available for mobile. 

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