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French game development team Spiders came to Nacon Connect 2020 with their new RPG called Steelrising. The game takes place in an alt-history steampunk setting of brink-of-revolution Paris, where you play as Aegis – a female automaton assassin, who is also a bodyguard for Queen Marie-Antoinette. On her quest to seek out her creator, she is tasked by the Queen to confront and defeat the murderous horde of army robots of the mad despot King Louis XVI.

Aegis can be customized in multiple ways – her weapons are integrated into her body. She can be made more powerful, mobile and durable depending on your choices. There are seven families of weapons, with each having their own unique characteristics – like weapons on arms for light combat, to alchemical rifles for long-distance executions. She will also be able to find unique gears and items through side-quests.

The new IP was introduced by Jehanne Rousseau, the co-founder and President of Spiders, who said that they were taking a much more action-focused approach than their previous titles. Spiders team have recreated well-known and standing as well as destroyed monuments of 18th century France – like the Grand Châtelet and Tour du Temple. Verticality has been made an important part of exploration, and emphasis has been paid to fluid transitions to combat sequences.

Immersive world design, interesting quests and strategic combat mechanics – Steelrising seems to pack in a lot of punch. In spite of lukewarm critic reviews, gamers around the world have loved their previous offerings like Greedfall and The Technomancer. Will Steelrising be the breakout game for Spiders?

Steelrising Concept Art 4 Steelrising Concept Art 5
Steelrising Concept Art 1 Steelrising Concept Art 2 Steelrising Concept Art 3

There is no release date in sight yet, but Steelrising will release on PC (Steam) and next-gen consoles Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5.

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