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The Witcher 3’s expansion, Blood & Wine is more than just a DLC. You know there come few games, probably one or two in a decade, which not only leave a burning impression on you, but also make sure that the DLC feeds your hunger for more. The only two times I remember being as thoroughly impressed by the paid DLCs as the main game were back in 2008 for GTA IV & GTA Liberty City Stories and the Half Life episode.

To be honest Blood & Wine carries on exactly what made main game great, I.E., great storyline, unparalleled narrative, smooth gameplay, amazing soundtrack, great RPG elements and a huge roster of well realized characters that you come to adore and I won’t deny that some of the flaws as well have been carried over from the main game, but when I take into account, the number of times, this expansion pleasantly surprised me, I would say that any game I played this year does not compare to this masterpiece of a DLC which owing to just it’s sheer size is still bigger than most games games this year. The sheer quality and quantity of this DLC is beyond anything I played all year.

CD Projekt Red yet again proved that DLCs are not just some skins, or a few small maps or other fluff. A great conclusion to a game that truly deserves all the praise it gets, and is benchmark for not only for future DLCs but games as well.

If you agree with me drop me a shout in the comments. If you don’t here are some other picks by our editors, I am sure you will find what you are looking for there. HAPPY NEW YEAR

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