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DOOM is special to me in many ways because it is the only piece of pop culture or media (let alone video games) that truly blew me away in 2016. And in this terrible year, I’ll take whatever respite I can get. As a long-time fan and worshipper of ID Software and equal parts someone used to disappointment from the legendary company, due to their lack of proclivity and esoteric nature, this felt like less a game and a triumphant “See? We can still get it done!” yell from the top of the mountains from the house that Romero and Carmack built

Put it simple, DOOM corrects all the missteps that modern shooter have been making since they committed themselves to learning all the wrong lessons from HALF LIFE 2 or MODERN WARFARE 1. There’s NO cover. NO ironsight. NO regenerating health.NO Forced ‘scripted sequences’ (for the most part). NO overt exposition and best of all: NO reload. The level design in peerless, the challenge unrelenting, the secrets superbly hidden, the core gameplay loop flawless and no matter how bloody times you complete it on Nightmare difficulty (Let’s face it, Ultra Nightmare is just ridiculous), it never, ever, ever gets old.

DOOM takes all the modern conventions that have slowly ruined FPS’s over the last decade and a half, softens them with a shotgun blow to the head, curb stomps their face and then guts them with a chainsaw. And I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful. All hail ID Software! The king is back!!

If you agree with me drop me a shout in the comments. If you don’t here are some other picks by our editors, I am sure you will find what you are looking for there. HAPPY NEW YEAR

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