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2016 was an year of ups and downs, and like every year, it had its share of noob moments, epic fail moments, extreme RNG moments, and pro moments – both in competitive for the average esports enthusiast or casual for the laid-back gamers. And just like every year, this year has a ‘game of the year’.

And my money’s on Overwatch (both literally as well as metaphorically).

Blizzard delivers quality games when it comes to creating a new franchise and developing it (ignoring the continuous delays in the actual release of the game), and Overwatch is ‘just another Blizzard game’.

The game is a hybrid model of the FPS and MOBA genres, which is an unique genre of its own. All the roles and all heroes are ‘balanced’ or their stats changed frequently by Blizzard so that a new meta replaces the old one, resulting in players changing their play styles as well, which keeps the game fresh.

The diverse classes and roles in Overwatch ensures that every player has a play style suited for them. Moreover, all heroes are unlocked from the start. Cosmetics accompany the heroes in the form of ‘skins’, but they are purely for visuals, and does not affect the game in any way. Also, for farming cosmetics, every level up nets the player a lootbox, which contain cosmetics.

Also, Blizzard is known for dishing out lootboxes frequently (on Halloween and Christmas, for example), which essentially means one doesn’t have to spend a dime on the game after the initial purchase, as long as one has the patience to level up and farm lootboxes and cosmetics, which also helps them master the heroes in the game, in the long run.

There is no other game in 2016, I repeat no other, which can give you better value of money both in terms of hours played and entertainment (both literally and metaphorically)

If you agree with me drop me a shout in the comments. If you don’t here are some other picks by our editors, I am sure you will find what you are looking for there. HAPPY NEW YEAR

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