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1C has announced that it’s time to release the public demo ofThe Watchmaker, a puzzle adventure under development by Micropsia Games. With the demo, players can finally check out the steampunk atmosphere of the clock tower, and see how heavily every second of accelerated aging weighs on the hero Alexander, the clock’s keeper and main character. It’s also a chance to test his abilities to manipulate time, which will help him survive and solve the puzzles on his way to uncovering the mystery of the sabotaged clock tower.

Working hard on finalizing The Watchmaker for its release on Windows PC via Steam in Q3 2017, the developers are also launching a Kickstarter to bring the game to Xbox One and Playstation 4 too. The campaign offers backers several added bonuses, according to their pledge level, up to having their own timeless stylized portrait included in the game! It is accessible through: http://kck.st/2oCC0re

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