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In a recent Instagram post, Neil Druckmann the Writer, Director, Vice President at Naughty Dog, and the man behind The Last Of Us 2 has announced that the sequel to the highly acclaimed post-apocalyptic game has now gone gold.


TLOU 2 has had a rough couple of months. First, the game was delayed from its original release date, mostly due to the COVID-19 lockdown throughout the world. In the last week, however, someone leaked major story-point, cutscenes, and screenshots from the upcoming game. The leaks also created an uproar among the gaming community, as many were upset with the direction that TLOU2 was taking. Sony and Naughty Dog, perhaps in damage control announced a new release date for the game, and also went on a banning spree, trying to take down videos, etc that had anything remotely to do with the leaks.

Here is hoping, its all smooth sailing from here on now, and we get to play TLOU 2 soon.

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