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We expected a lot from the Xbox conference, truth be told. Instead of some gorgeous gameplay trailers, all we got are a bunch of memes about a Brute who can’t figure out what’s wrong with Halo Infinite. One thing I definitely looked forward to was to see the young studio The Initiative showcase a trailer of their upcoming game – and I was disappointed. Despite repeated rumors, it seems The Initiative isn’t ready to take up ‘the initiative” to reveal their projects just yet.

If that seems bad enough, the worse is yet to come. The Initiative’s Twitter handle seems to have vanished altogether, deleting all their tweets and blanking out their profile. Even the profile picture has been removed.

The Initiative seems to have blanked out their Twitter profile.

Rumors are going rife on what’s going on behind the scenes with the studio. We’re most likely looking at a rebrand since ‘The Initiative’ might not be attractive enough to bring in buyers. What’s weird is that despite hearing about the world-class talent that’s working in this studio, we still know little to nothing about its first project. According to NeoGAF, it could be that they overestimated the power of the Xbox One X consoles (from the disastrous Halo Infinite showcase).

Little could be done except waiting, at this point.

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