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Xaviant Games has announced The Culling 2, sequel to one of the first Battle Royale games ever. Xaviant released an announcement trailer today, revealing that the game will be released today.

According to the video description, “The Culling returns to take Battle Royale to the next level. Real-world weapon ballistics. A strategically brutal melee combat system. Perks to customize your play style. Fifty contestants will drop in and compete for glory, but only one will be crowned the winner.”

The rise and downfall of the first game deserves its own featurette. Suffice to say that even while credited with kickstarting the BR genre, The Culling ended up as a ghost town and didn’t enjoy the success some of its predecessors achieved.

Surprisingly, The Culling 2 is ditching the Early Access model and is going straight for a direct release.

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