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If you want to step into the boots of DOOM guy and repel an entire demonic invasion from a space station on Mars by crushing demons to dust with your bare hands for a cheaper price, then Fanatical (formerly Bundle Stars) has you sorted out! Their DOOM bundle has just what you need to get started.

The DOOM bundle comes in two tiers, the first being a $9.99 tier 1 featuring only DOOM, and a $19.99 tier 2 featuring DOOM with the DOOM Classic Collection and DOOM 3 : BFG Edition. DOOM is a good game and if you like fast paced multiplayer besides a decent singleplayer, you can put your faith in DOOM.

For the lazier ones, here’s the link to the bundle :


The deal’s on for only 3 days, so make sure to get atleast Tier 1 of the Bundle and bash up some demons!

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