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Tiny Mold has announced Mayonez, a dark comedy adventure with RPG elements set in the fictional industrial town of Mayonez.

Myonez has the player character unexpectedly ended up in the dilapidated, industrial town of Mayonez. You embark on a variety of quests from the titular town, in traditional RPG fashion. You can learn new skills through the small RPG system that affects your dialogue choices, making every playthrough a little bit different.

The quests will send you through a non-linear story, with multiple locations such as the city, forest and farms that are always open to explore freely. In this world, reality and mythology are closely intertwined. Among regular folk lurk various well-known figures, such as Baba Yaga and Slavic gods.

“We’re a couple of Slavs, making an open world adventure RPG about Slavs. It’s our second game, after Uncanny Valley, and is quite a step in the opposite direction”, says the developers.

Key Features:

  • Complex dialogue options and story branching
  • Hand-drawn and animated world
  • A dark and silly sense of humor
  • Open exploration of Mayonez and its surroundings
  • An array of interesting and unusual characters with unique quests
  • A new take on Slavic culture
  • Cool mini games
  • Lots of mayonnaise!

Mayonez‘s initial release will be for PC (Steam) in 2019, with consoles to follow sometime after.

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