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Rainbow Six Seige is getting a new season which will conclude the game’s Year Two Schedule. After a succesful Operation Blood Orchid, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige is all set to get a new operation named White Noise. White Noise will be available on the Technical Test Server on November 20. Year Two pass owners will able able to play the new content on live servers from the next week, that is, November 27. The week after will see the operators available for all players to purchase with in-game currency. The new Operation, will feature three new Operators and an all new map.

Operation White Noise Operators


Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam is an attacker who represents a new breed of operators who hit their target where they aren’t expecting it. She brings the Mk 14 EBR Marksman Rifle and the BOSG.12.2 shotgun into the fight as her primary weapons and the C75 Auto and SMG-12 MPs as her secondary. What makes her even more dangerous, however, is her ability to make calls to enemy’s phones and make his team aware of their location.


Zofia is a Polish GROM attacker, and Ela’s sister. Zofia uses items similar to Ela’s GRZMOT mines though they are fired from a grenade launcher rather, i.e., KS79 Lifeline, than merely placed by hand. The KS79 LIFELINE grenade launcher is double-barreled, and can chamber multiple rounds. One barrel is reserved for the GRZMOT-like bouncing stun grenades, while the other fires impact breaching charges similar to those used by Ash. She is also equipped with a M762 high-calibre assault rifle, or the compact 150-round LMG-E machine gun. Zofia is also able to bring herself back from the claws of death. The process takes five seconds, can only be performed once per round, and leaves her at a mere 1hp, but allows a second chance that may just pull things back in her favour.


Vigil, feels most comfortable behind his mask, where nobody can read his face. He brings the K1A SMG and the BOSG.12.2 shotgun into the fight for his primary weapons and the C75 Auto and SMG-12 MPs as his secondaries. He also marries the traditional personality of the hard-fighting and traditional soldier, but with a new trick in his repertoire that’s bound to catch opponents unaware. He is also armed with he ability to stay undetected to electronics, i.e., drones can’t spot him, but there are certain limitations.The gadget has a cooldown and thus requires some planning. Enemy drones will also be able to detect if Vigil is within 12 or 8 meters of themThatcher’s EMP grenades and Twitch’s drone taser can knock the cloak out, and IQ’s scanner can spot Vigil.

Operation White Noise Map

A new map, Mok Myeok Tower, will arrive in Siege with White Noise. It is a South Korean observation tower in Seoul, and should offer new tactical options for players. Combat in the map starts out mostly at long-range, but once players draw closer to the center of the tower, it becomes a head-to-head shoot out.


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