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Yesterday, Nintendo soft launched their much awaited augmented-reality game, Pokémon GO, in regions of Australia and New Zealand. While the launch for US, Japan and other territories had put on hold.

Today, Pokémon GO has started rolling out in US and India as well. (You can check download links provided at the bottom of this post.)

But before you rush out to do so, there are some concerning issues came up with the game that might bother you.

Peoples who had played the game ranted about their phone’s battery life being killed off rapidly by the game. And of course it’ll, as game uses extensive resources of your smartphone (such as rear camera, sensors, GPS at the same time) it isn’t something new. But I think developer, Niantic Labs, hasn’t optimized the game well, as it’s a known issue to them. All they can do for now is to assure us that they’re finding solutions to the problem.

Whatever it is, if you still have an itch for the game go and download it as it’s free(with microtransactions).

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