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The Razer video game store, is officially closing down. The game store,opened as part of its foray into the retail market for video game keys, lasted for a little under a year, having opened in April 2018.

                              A note designed for visitors on the site says that the Razer game store will shut down as part of the company’s ‘realignment’ plans. The note ends thanking the customers for supporting them for the duration of its operation. No clear reasons for its shutdown have been given.

                                        The store goes offline on February 28, at 0100 hours Pacific Time. All existing preorders will still be fulfilled, though existing orders for games need to be redeemed before the official date for closure. Any existing Razer zSilver earned from store purchases will remain, and can be used for purchasing hardware or games on the Razer zSilver store. All Razer zGold top-ups will be honored, and can be used for paying on all websites allowing Razer zGold as a payment option, or directly on the Razer zGold store.

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