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Publisher and developer Destructive Creations revealed new gameplay footage for War Mongrels, the grisly real-time tactics game set in WWII, today at Realms Deep 2020. War Mongrels launches on PC, current and next-gen consoles next year.

This first extended look at gameplay places real-time tactics front-and-center as our main characters, two captured deserters of the German army, take their chance to flee once again and head away from the front.

Queue up actions in Planning Mode to create a sequence of commands and then fire off all the orders. Lurk in the shadows and distract the enemy with gunshots or improvised nearby scrap materials. Then perform quick executions and hide the bodies before anyone even notices the guerilla fighters’ presence.

Those less inclined towards covert tactics can go in guns blazing for intense firefights against overwhelming odds. Each highly replayable, expansive level contains multiple routes and solutions, so try stealth, action-heavy, non-lethal, and even co-op runs.

Even the best-laid plans can go awry. Should enemies spot the squad, switch to a twin-stick Combat Mode and try to shoot your way out while AI directs teammates to follow the selected soldier. Survive each skirmish against the German army and find new troopers and friends along the way.

Witness WWII’s often-unexplored Eastern Front in a grim campaign about the atrocities of war. This bloody tale based on true stories unfolds with a level of graphical fidelity never-before-seen in the real-time tactics genre.

War Mongrels’ story goes to some very dark places, and we wanted to make sure the gameplay made players’ hearts pound just as much as the campaign will,” said Marcin Stanek, Business Development Manager at Destructive Creations. “This first extended look only hints at the surprises we have in store for you.”

War Mongrels will be available on PC, next-gen, and current-gen consoles next year. English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified) language subtitles will be available at launch with an English voiceover. For more information, please visit the official War Mongrels website and follow Destructive Creations on TwitterFacebook and YouTube.


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