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A few days ago, a gaming news outlet by the name of ‘Pretty Good Gaming’ instigated a controversy regarding the involvement of micro-transactions in CD Projekt’s upcoming sci-fi game, Cyberpunk 2077. According to the mentioned news outlet, the CEO of CD Projekt had appeared in an interview with a Polish investment site where he quoted that the studio was interested in making Cyberpunk 2077 ‘commercially even more significant’ and that they wanted to take the game to the online platform. This instilled signs of distrust substantially leading people to believe that CD Projekt Red was taking the same road as most other game developers by dubiously implementing an inutile form of micro-transaction that would tilt the balance of the game towards a certain class of players.

Yesterday, CD Projekt Red came out of the shadow to clear the uncertainty surrounding the dispute where they audaciously confessed that Cyberpunk 2077 will have no micro-transactions. “When thinking CP2077, think nothing less than TW3 — huge single player, open world, story-driven RPG. No hidden catch, you get what you pay for — no bullshit, just honest gaming like with Wild Hunt. We leave greed to others.” ‒They wrote in their response tweet to ‘Pretty Good Gaming’.

While everyone else was busy feeding hay to the fire, we went down to ask CD Projekt whether the happenings were true or based on rumours, to which they replied:

CD Projekt Red chose to stay quiet and refused to provide the video footage of the interview for us to look into, thereby, completely throwing us at our wit’s end. Whether CEO Adam Kiciński had said anything of the sort or not still remains a matter or debate. It could be that this is simply a minor translation discrepancy that everyone has overlooked because the interview was in Polish or maybe CD Projekt Red had second thoughts about what they said in the interview and altered their decision as soon as the community started to doubt them. Rest assured, Cyberpunk 2077 is free of micro-transactions for we certainly do not expect CDPR to deceive to us.

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