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The Pokemon-styled MMO has been taking the world by storm. Since its launch, people have been capturing and releasing a lot of Tarteru into the wild (and repeating the same in a loop). Being early access in nature, a lot of content for TemTem, still needs to be worked on before the official launch. A roadmap mentions four major updates throughout the year – one in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. With COVID-19 spreading throughout the globe, Crema had to delay the spring update for a while. The update adds some much-requested features as well as adds several quality-of-life changes to improve the player experience.

The new update adds ranked matchmaking between the several TemTem tamers on the Archipelago. Players will have a “Tamer Rating” based on their performance in battle, which changes with every battle won or lost.

Temtem ranked matchmaking is finally here!

Each match follows a pick-and-ban system, following which players battle it out till one player emerges victorious. To improve the nature of community tournaments, Crema is also adding Spectator Mode, a feature requested by a lot of players. This allows players to spectate their friends in a match and cheer them from the sidelines.

The update also adds new animations to a lot of moves, making them look better than ever before.

The new TemTem update adds new animations for a variety of moves.

A slew of balance changes have also been dispatched, addressing the community’s concerns about quite a few TemTem (*cough* Gyalis *cough*). The balance changes are done keeping the ranked matchmaking in mind. Some important modifications to the telomere hacks have also been made, allowing only them to be used only on TemTem caught by the players themselves – a move made to cut down on people running multiple accounts and using them to accumulate items and well-statted TemTem in one account. Important UI changes have also been done to make the game more visually appealing to the players (including some updates to the map and the menus).

The update has already gone live, and competitive tamers can hit the circuit as soon as they want.

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