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4 Dimension Games, the developer behind the critically acclaimed ARPG, Exiled Kingdoms has revealed its next project in celebration of the one year anniversary of the aforementioned game.

Titled Archaelund, the upcoming project is an ambitious Party-based RPG, with far more options and possibilities and featuring tactical combat, but with the same open world concept and design philosophy of Exiled Kingdoms. 


  • Exploration as you remember it: take your party of adventurers through a vast open world. Explore as you wish, find awesome secrets and run into unexpected trouble, get involved in conflicts or just pursue your own goals and discover what lies beyond the horizon; the world is being handcrafted in great detail, just for you to discover. You can play Archaelund your own way.
  • Tactical combat, but also immersive dungeon-crawling: just as the best classics did, you’ll be able to explore the world of Archaelund in first-person perspective. But when combat starts, perspective seamlessly changes to top-down, and you’ll issue orders to your party, placing them over a battle grid to face your enemies.
  • Deadly battles with a focus on strategy: a non-inflationist, bounded system will ensure that every battle matters, and every opponent is scary. When your characters advance in levels, you’ll gain new tactical options to defeat your enemies, not merely bloated and meaningless numeric stats.
  • Career-based character progression: your party members will start out as thugs, ruffians, scavengers, hunters, beggars or fortune-tellers; initial Career will be chosen semi-randomly. Later on you can reach the more “heroic” Advanced Careers, leaving your ignoble origins behind… Archaelund features over 60 Careers divided in Basic, Advanced and Elite.

You can find more information about the story and setting in the announcement here. 

In development since October 2018, Archaelund will release on Steam Early Access on Q1 2020.

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