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If you’re an Indian team, chances are that your primary focus would be on DOTA 2, or CSGO, since they are the esports having more tournaments with bigger prize pools. With niche esports making a rise, Team Macro Magic officially decides to enter the world of Rocket League esports. Rocket League already had a number of good tournaments backed by big sponsors, with the Indian community trying hard to increase its mass appeal.

The official lineup announced by Macro Magic for tournaments are :

  1. Aditya ‘Nodose’ Madhwani
  2. Hargun ‘Hargun’ Hargun
  3. Romit ‘Miro’ Shriwal
  4. Manmeet ‘Lucifer’ Singh

It indeed takes some courage to invest in niche esports like Rocket League whose audience is slowly growing. The new team will participate in all Rocket League tournaments.


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