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At the DC Fandom event, Rocksteady finally let rabid fans loose on its first reveal of the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. This game will release on next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and, of course on the PC platform. The game showed off its 4 characters in the CGI teaser trailer – Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and (surprise!) Kingshark.

Suicide Squad is a 1-4 player experience: in single-player, the other 3 character roles will be reprised by bots. You can also freely switch characters when you feel like. In the jump-in-anytime co-op mode, 3 of your friends can join you in your adventure!

The game is set in Metropolis – better known as the fictional city that is home to Superman. The Suicide Squad is a team of incarcerated supervillains who, in exchange for parole and reduced prison sentences, undertake high risk black-ops missions for the government. In the modern comics, Amanda Waller, an ambiguous character, is the chief of a fictional government agency and has planted bombs in the heads of the squad members to force them to do her bidding.

In the trailer, we see that the squad is up against Superman (or, an imposter!) and possibly, Brainiac. Set in an open-world Metropolis, each character “has their own unique moveset with enhanced traversal abilities to freely explore the dynamic open-world of Metropolis, along with a variety of weapons to customize and skills to master.” Creative director Sefton Hill mentioned that the game is a “continuation of the Arkhamverse”. It is a  part of the world that their Arkham trilogy is set in, and will let gamers see the advancement of the plot threads and characters seen in those games.

The game is still in early development, as inferred by the hiring frenzy that Rocksteady has been in. It is slated to launch sometime in 2022.

Some questions that remain unanswered:

  • Will DC follow the footsteps of Marvel and make this a games-as-a-service product like Avengers?
  • Are there going to be other Suicide Squad members introduced later in the game?
  • Since the title contains the tag line: Kill The Justice League, would we have to fight against Batman?

The game’s colourful palette and acrobatic free-running action reminded us of Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive! The humor and the banter in the trailer is on point, and we are expecting Rocksteady to go all guns blazing for Suicide Squad!

Remember when we predicted that Rocksteady is developing Suicide Squad back in June? Keep your eyes peeled on Gameffine for more breaking news like these! Don’t forget to check out our detailed report on WB Montreal’s Gotham Knights game which is set in a different timeline where Batman is dead.

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