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There are some great PS exclusives that you just can’t avoid. There’s The Last of Us series, there’s God of War, there’s the Spiderman series, and of course, Ghost of Tsushima. Who would have guessed we would have our heart’s desire of seeing Assassin’s Creed in feudal Japan? It excels in every possible way, in both gameplay mechanics as well as a decent story that makes you listen with eagerness at key moments. A recent rumor suggests that Sucker Punch, the developers behind Ghost of Tsushima, might have started working on a sequel.

One only needs to navigate to the careers section on Sucker Punch’s website to notice something “amiss”. There’s a job posting for a narrative writer for folks with at least 1 year of experience in the field and has worked with AAA titles in the past under the design section. If Sucker Punch is truly done with the franchise, then it doesn’t make sense hiring a new narrative writer – right? There’s obviously a lingering doubt that this is for a planned DLC with loads of story content in the future, but the post’s requirements sets that doubt aside. The third requirement for the post states that the candidate should be able to “contribute” to “other creative areas of narrative” including “secondary game content”. There’s zero doubt that it’s for a new game which already has been planned, including all its future DLCs.

It might be too early to call the shots, but it’s definitely something to consider. Meanwhile, you can put the first game into your to-do list for completion – it’s a really fantastic experience.

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