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UPDATE: Looks like it could be Baldur’s Gate III after all…Swen, you liar!

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Larian Studios, the developer behind the long-running Divinity series of RPGs has been working on a super-secret project codenamed ‘Project Gustav’, named after CEO Swen Vincke’s doggo. Now, the studios’ website has been updated with a big logo that literally just says III in a very stylistic, Diablo-ish font with all-sorts of particle effect flying around

We’re pretty damn sure that’s Project Gustav and know for a fact that it’s not Baldur’s Gate 3 and definitely not Divnity: Fallen Heroes. So what could it be? Being a studio who only worked on a single IP since their inception, it can be assumed that the teaser is for either Divinity: Original Sin 3 or Divinity 3 (the sequel to the long-forgotten Ego Draconis).

I guess we’ll have to wait till E3 then.

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