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The last AAA first party exclusive of this current PS4 generation, Ghost Of Tsushima, has gone gold. Developer Sucker Punch, known for their Infamous series, announced it on Twitter, almost one month ahead of its July 17 release date.

It was previously supposed to release on June 26, but was pushed back as the team had to adapt to remote work conditions because of the pandemic.

This open world action adventure game oozes style – set in the 13th century Japanese island of Tsushima, you play the role of samurai warrior Jin Sakai tasked with stopping the Mongol invasion headed by the ruthless general Khotun Khan. As one of the last surviving members of your clan, you have to do whatever it takes – break tradition to forge the new path of the Ghost, and wage an unconventional war to protect your own and reclaim your home.

Check out some amazing gameplay – an extended look with combat and exploration details –  revealed during Sony’s State of Play on May 14.


This game will also be released on the upcoming PS5 platform. The game has been rated by the ESRB as M (Mature) because of blood and gore, dismemberment, intense acts of violence and partial nudity (described as a man’s exposed buttocks as he bathes in a hot spring).

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