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We have never done this before. IndianNoob has been around for a little more than 3 years (4 in Feb 2017). We have never looked back at the year, and dwell upon the past. Till now, there has been a very concrete reason for it.

We never had enough numbers to showcase before today.

In 2016, IndianNoob has moved forward in leaps and bounds on every conceivable metric.


Let’s talk cold hard numbers. We upped our basic views by 9 times. Yes that’s 9 TIMES the number of views we had in 2015. We are sure IndianNoob has better days ahead, but we are pretty sure that year-on-year this record might last for a while.

Infact, we got so much traffic this year that we decided to integrate Google Analytics for the first time in 3 years.


IndianNoob started off as a hobby. As a place where Ayush could vent out 2 of his favorite pastimes, writing and video games. Last year the team had expanded to 3, with Pratyush and Saurabh joining the ranks along with a splattering of guest writers.

This time, we are proud to say that we are a team of at-least 6 regular writer, covering the entire spectrum in terms of genre, platform and age demographics.

We are sure we will continue to grow as a platform for young and old gamers to speak their minds in the best grammatical and balanced way they can.


A very subjective way of looking how IndianNoob has prospered is to look at the number of reviews we have done over the year.

We did a whooping 41 reviews in 2016 alone, as compared to the 30 we have done in 2015 and 2014 combined.

This meant, we got a lot more review copies, and our reviews were way better received. We would be looking to double that number this year, if gaming gods allow.




That alone should be enough to signify our growth this year. But just to rub it in, we were also at IGX Mumbai, VGF Pune, Comic Con Bangalore and Comic Con Delhi. We were invited, we were welcomed and we left wanting more.


Of course the path we formed in 2016 is not only because of us. So in a true blue game fashion, here is the post game credit roll.

First up, we would like to thank Mayuri and Allwyn from Games The Shop who were instrumental in providing us review copies and the latest news from the Gaming world.

We would also like to reach out to Shrey, Manas and the rest of the team at Gaming Central, who inspired us to finally get a place for IndianNoob.


Our Thanks, also needs to go out to Akhil (the mind behind Riderzone), who has nothing to do with Gaming, but was instrumental in editing our videos.

Finally a shout-out to our families. Who have supported us through the myriad ways of our niche lifestyle, and letting us be writers and gamers at the same time (2 very low paying jobs/hobbies).

Of course IndianNoob would never be what it is without its viewers. Who are behind all those stats. We hope to get even more likes, even more followers, and even more views this year around. And hope to connect with you even more in 2017.

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