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April can be termed as the most anticipated month for games. Technically considered as the IPL month, it has a lot to offer to all the gaming enthusiasts. There are plenty of highly anticipated titles set to debut in April to entertain players all over the world.

We have collected some standouts for your viewing to and help you start saving. Lets have a look at some of the games which are going to release in April.

God Of War

The hype is Real!! God of War franchise is one which has a deep connection with all the players over the globe. This game is an integral part of every millennial’s childhood. Well, one of the most anticipated game is making its return with a completely new backdrop and tons of new quests. Having conquered the Greek pantheon, Kratos (the Greek Godslayer) is about to set his foot in the Norse mythology along with his son Atreus. The trailer and gameplay have definitely instigated huge expectations and interest among the fans worldwide. It’s time to relive the moments of Kratos’s brutal monster slaying, deadly demon fighting, exploration of exotic landscapes and his iconic rage but in a completely disparate backdrop. Hey guys!! Time to hunt some Gods.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

Japan’s reply to all the Open world games, Yakuza series has definitely created its own niche market garnering fans within a short span of time. The perfect combination of Japanese criminal empire with the open world format has left many players in awe and flamed their interest to have the game. The latest instalment of the series, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life looks very promising with an astounding storyline, intriguing characters, vivacious backdrop, high octane combat sequences, prodigious side quests. The final instalment in Kazuma Kiryu’s story focuses on him alone, with the plot seeing the large cast of characters. The setup distinctly echoes the events of the first game, a seemingly purposeful decision which lets The Song Of Life act as a fitting refrain, giving Kiryu’s final sojourn a roundness that brings a nice sense of closure to his series arc.


Are you ready to experience the Attack on titan vibes properly tied-up with the Shadow of colossus format? Extinction deploys you into the world of giant ogres who with the help of their minions have the goal of destroying the human race. As the protagonist Sentinel named Avll, it is the players duty to protect the entire humanity, combating the giants and chopping them up in a bloody spectacle of violence. The game has a perfect combination of multiple levels of combat including small scale and large scale combat mechanism. The game provides the players not only with pure action but also includes a lot of exploration and route-finding inorder to save the quaking humans from the incoming menace. The animation detailing, sturdy graphics and the sublime backdrop makes this game a must play.


Our list includes some of the most well known games. How about adding an upcoming game which according to me is very underrated?? Talking about Frostpunk, it is an upcoming steampunk city-building video game. The game is about building and maintaining a society in very undesirable (technically: frosty) circumstances. This is definitely one of the best city building games with an excellent graphical design. Expected to be one of the toughest competitor of the sims city franchise, its debut trailer caught many eyeballs all over the world. The game is not only visually appealing but also has an artistic touch, which makes it more riveting.

What game are you most excited for in April. Tell us all this and more in the comments

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