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We had mentioned in a previous article that we would be covering the Christmas Steam Sale and here we are going to list out some of the good games that are available for great prices. This time around, for all the Bethesda fans out there, it is finally time to treat your PCs to some of the games you may have missed out. Yes Bethesda finally joined in. So we bring in the best deals of this Steam Sale. (Note that some of the games may have appeared in our article of the Autumn Sale)

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (With all DLCs)- INR 353
  • The Elder Scrolls Online- INR 471
  • Dark Souls II: Scholar of The First Sin- INR 998
  • GTA V- INR 1762
  • Rocket League- INR 365
  • ARK Survival Evolved- INR 437
  • Mad Max- INR 400
  • The Witcher Trilogy- INR 670
  • Killing Floor 2- INR 488
  • The Talos Principle- INR 212
  • Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor- INR 336
  • The Long Dark- INR 282
  • Pillars of Eternity- INR 371
  • Wolfenstein The New Order- INR 176
  • Killer is Dead- INR 113
  • Transistor- INR 113
  • Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition- INR 142
  • Ma Payne 3- INR 244
  • Shadow Warrior- INR 84

SO which games are you going to pick up in this sale? Did we miss any of the big discounts? What do you think about the sale? Let us know in the comments below.

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