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GOG has been a go to platform for gamers who are looking for getting games the old fashioned or I should say, the actual way games are supposed to be distributed- Without DRM. EA has been notorious for putting DRM in most of their games and the reason for it to exist has failed itself as it is more of a hassle to legit users than pirate users.

But well coming to topic here, Mirror’s Edge, Spore and Saboteur are available on GOG, and as per their MO, all are DRM Free. Also it is worth noting that the games are on sale for 9.99$, 11.99$ and 9.99$ respectively at 50-60% off. I have not played Spore, but Mirror’s Edge was a pretty good game and developed a cult following some time later after it’s release and was partially the reason it got a reboot. Saboteur practically Assassin’s Creed’s and GTA’s son, and for those who want a casual experience and a somewhat atmospheric game, this will probably sate your needs.

Here you can buy the games off GOG. So what do you guys think of EA’s games going DRM free. Let us know in the comments below.

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