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Sony Playstation has snagged some pretty epic exclusives for Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers – and the crown jewel is Spider-Man! Those who pre-order will get exclusive first access to the game beta on the PS4 starting August 7, whereas PC and Xbox One players will be able to play on August 14. Peter Parker will join the ranks of characters like Hawkeye as post-launch add-ons in 2021.

In a PlayStation blog post, Jeff Adams (Associate Art Director, Crystal Dynamics) revealed a lot about their take on the web-slinging superhero.

  • Just like our other heroes, you’ll get to use the unique skill trees (Vince) Napoli (Lead Combat Designer) and his team have designed to specialize how your Spider-Man plays in our world.
  • Partnering with the Avengers gives Spider-Man complete access to the impressive technology available to the team, such as custom web shooter-based technology from Hank Pym, SHIELD, Stark Industries, and more.
  • Fans can expect to see (Steve) Ditko and (John) Romita’s (comic artists) influence in our take on the hero, with nods to other talented artists that have defined the character’s look over his long history.

In another PlayStation blog post, Andy Wong (Community & Social Media Manager, Crystal Dynamics) wrote about the monthly community challenges and cosmetics.

  • (All superheroes will) have their own narratives, skills, gear, outfits, emotes, nameplates, and takedowns to fully flesh out their character and your experience with them.
  • PlayStation players will have exclusive access to certain Community Challenges, where the PlayStation Nation will work together to accomplish a goal in order to gain rewards specific to them.
  • PlayStation players will have 30-day exclusive access to a Legendary Outfit, Legendary Emote, Epic Takedown, and nameplate for each Super Hero as they are released – this is also for the six launch heroes.
  • For each Super Hero added to the game post-launch, Hawkeye included, all PS Plus members will receive a free bundle that contains a Rare Outfit, nameplate, and 100 Credits to celebrate the addition of another Avenger to the roster.
  • At launch, we’ll have a free bundle for Ms. Marvel available for PS Plus members to embiggen our love for Kamala!

Marvel’s Avengers launches on September 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and later on for the next-generation consoles. Players who purchase the PS4 version will get the PS5 version for free. Check out our coverage of the second Marvel’s Avengers digital stream WAR TABLE.

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