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The “console exclusive” and the “PlayStation advantage” buttons aren’t unique, by any chance. A lot of gamers who have used the PlayStation consoles have heard that title by now. For beginners, it means that one gets added benefits for purchasing a game on the PlayStation. Either it means the game isn’t available on other platforms or has certain features exclusive for the PlayStation. According to a recent rumor, it seems that Sony is aggressively branding more exclusive content for the PlayStation 5 in a bid to tuck in more sales.

Imran Khan, former writer of GameInformer, has officially revealed that he has knowledge of the sort of deals Sony has pulled up. Apparently Sony has approached all major third-party developers for exclusivity deals. The deals extend from exclusive DLC to new games entirely exclusive to the PlayStation platform – sometimes even both. Clear details on this aren’t available, but most of these are rumored to be timed exclusivity deals. However, the official reaction to the Specs Ops Survival mode being exclusive to the PlayStation has proved how efficient timed exclusivity can be – even being a game-changer at times.

In other words, players can expect more content to be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 – maybe for a while, maybe for the entire lifespan of the console. The only option is to take the leap of faith and dive into the world Sony has envisioned for players. The alternative is an eternity of waiting – or discussing how anti-consumer Sony is on Reddit.

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