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There has been quite some fuzz recently regarding crowdfunded games deciding to be exclusive to the Epic Store. It’s not news that Epic has been privately funding indie or budget projects to secure an exclusivity deal, as was the case with The Outer Wilds and Phoenix Point and to the surprise of no one, it led to huge community backlash.

There was a bit of doubt in the minds of Wasteland fans whether the next entry in the acclaimed RPG series, Wasteland 3 will be exclusive to the Epic Store or not. The news of their peer, Obsidian Entertainment announcing their next game, The Outer Worlds to be a timed exclusive further escalated the doubts.

However, fans and backers can rest assured because InExile CEO Brian Fargo has confirmed that, Wasteland 3 will not launch as a store exclusive of any kind and devs has promised that they are committed to fulfilling backer promises, which includes releasing Wasteland 3 on a variety of platforms in their blog.

In the words of the developers;

Thank you for your patience as we continue development and work toward more consistent backer updates,”

 “To restate it again: we’re committed to our backer promises, and you can expect the Steam and GOG versions of the game on launch day. No store exclusivity.”

Wasteland 3 is one of the most anticipated crowdfunded RPGs in development right now and is the second sequel to the father of Fallout, 1988’s Wasteland. Microsoft had acquired inXile Entertainment along with Obsidian Entertainment near the end of 2018 but Wasteland 3 is not a part of that deal and will be published by InXile using the Fig crowdfunding funds.

Wasteland 3 is coming to Steam, GOG, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime this year.

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