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Today Merge Games are delighted to share new details about their highly anticipated open-world survival game, revealing a release date of 29th March, 2023 for Early Access as well as a brand new name and logo! Developed and published in house, Smalland: Survive the Wilds challenges players to survive as one of a race of tiny people in a vast, hazardous world. Players will explore the game’s beautiful world, battle everyday creatures which now see them as lower on the food chain, build encampments and craft powerful armour sets with scavenged resources.  

As they gain a foothold in this dangerous environment, players will also be able to find creatures to tame and ride as they battle the elements and explore the world from a whole new perspective. 

“After many months of fantastic work from the development team here at Merge, and multiple closed playtests, we are nearing the final stages of development and getting ready to release ‘Smalland: Survive the Wilds’ into Early Access on PC” Commented Luke Keighran, Managing Director of Merge Games. “We hope fans like the new name and logo, and we can’t wait for players to immerse themselves in the world we’ve created on March 29th.” 

Explore a vast and towering world as the Smallfolk, playing with up to 10 friends in multiplayer. Explore the world and survive together or toggle friendly fire to bring the fight to others. 

Traverse lake sized puddles, scale skyscraper sized trees, scramble through cavernous cracks in roads, as you experience a huge open world from a new perspective.  

Uncover lore and folk secrets from hidden NPCs scattered throughout the world and learn to survive in this hostile wilderness. 

Tame and ride wild creatures from Damselflies to Spiders, each mount providing a unique means of travel. The world and its inhabitants are yours to conquer. 

Scavenge, refine and craft resources to build your encampment on the ground or in the canopy. 

Craft powerful armour sets to personalise your appearance and grant you resistance from the elements along with the abilities needed to survive. 

“Before the time of the giants, we lived freely under the Sun and Moon. Centuries have passed, but those stories of the surface world have been passed down through the generations. Now the giants are gone, and you, Vanguard, must venture out into the wilds once more, on an urgent mission. Be brave, and do not falter…” 

Smalland: Survive the Wilds is developed and published by Merge Games. The game is scheduled to launch into Early Access on 29th March, 2023. Fans can Wishlist now on Steam and the Epic games store


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