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EA has been trying to win back some of their audience with their updated live service model through Battlefield V. The decision to not implement any sort of microtransactions at launch (purchasable cosmetics are on the way, however) and making all post-launch DLCs free is obviously a welcome change from the publisher’s part. It looks like they are going the same route with Bioware’s upcoming shared-world title, Anthem.

When asked if players will need to buy a season pass or DLC to get more content, Anthem’s lead producer Michael Gamble said that Anthem won’t have a season pass and that players have nothing to worry about. “No season pass. Just get the game – don’t worry after that,” Gamble said.

Anthem’s Executive Producer Mark Darrah also answered the same question. One fan asked if he’s actually confirming Gamble’s “No DLC” answer to which Dorrah responded that they may decide to add some paid stuff in the future.

“For example, we might decide to add another Javelin in the future. Maybe that would be paid. Or maybe not. Absolutes are hard,” Darrah concluded.

Though nothing is set in stone, the absence of loot boxes and non-cosmetic microtransactions means good news for the consumers. EA might try to pull a sneaky on us, but that is to be seen.

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