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We’ve been hearing quite a bit about the upcoming remaster of the original Silent Hill games. The first game was so good that people wanted a second – which never came through. Naturally, news about a possible remaster is sure to raise quite a few eyebrows. There have been a few promising leaks in the past pointing towards a next-gen Silent Hill being in production for quite some time. More leaks have come through – revealing the possible date when more information will be revealed.

Okabe leaked a potential launch date for more information about the Silent Hill remaster.

As revealed on ResetEra by a Capcom employee by the name of Okabe, the game is set to be revealed on 4th June during PlayStation special reveal event for next-gen titles (as well as the PlayStation 5 console). Okabe also points out that more news could be coming on 10th June. It is yet unknown which date we will actually get to see some gameplay or hear some information about the Silent Hill remaster – that’s anyone’s guess. On being asked to reveal more information, he changed his stance and denied having said anything. Naturally, this further fuelled discussion about his information being true (and how NDAs are holding him back). ‘

Till now, we know that the game is not being handled by Kojima Productions – even though the game’s existence has been hinted numerous times. Sony’s special event on 4th June is sure to throw some light on this mystery – or maybe put cold water on our hopes of ever seeing a Silent Hill game ever again. Other industry insiders, more notably KatharsisT – who had leaked quite a few prominent stuff about the Silent Hill games in the past – could not be reached out to for comments on the information leaked.

All hands on deck for 4th June, it is – as usual, no information is true unless stated officially.

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