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Phantom 8 is kicking off the preorder period of its action stealth thriller PAST CURE with two new walkthrough videos. In today’s first walkthrough Nick Mallinder, animation artist at Phantom 8, introduces the skills and abilities players will need to master the world of PAST CURE. The video not only features the special skills Ian possesses as a consequence of the experiments he underwent, it also demonstrates the game’s core weapon as well as the melee and stealth skills players can choose from.


Many levels can be approached in different ways with Ian‘s abilities, allowing for full on action or a more stealth orientated approach. Players who wish to avoid direct battle can use astral projection to scout the area and create distractions for patrolling enemies by disabling security cameras. The time manipulation skill on the other hand helps the player to evade enemies, execute stealth kills or pull off the perfect head shot during combat. The gunplay is supported by melee combat and stealth kills motion captured in collaboration with specialist MMA fighters.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of PAST CURE are available for preorder now from various national and international retailers. In addition, players who preorder the game will receive the official soundtrack from the Belgium band Seiren. Front woman Charlotte Jacobs can also be heard in PAST CURE itself, as she voiced the ingame character Sophia.

PAST CURE’s PC version will be available on Steam and further digital distributional platforms. The details for the bonus for digital preorders will be announced soon.

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