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Silent Hills has been some of the deadliest, scariest video games of our generation. Kojima’s playable teaser for Silent Hills spooked the hell out of players worldwide when it launched for the PS4. The same fans were also severely disappointed when the title, a collaboration between Kojima, Del Toro and Norman Reedus was suddenly canceled by Konami.  But there is hope left as It seems that more details about a Silent Hill reboot could be coming very soon, according to a prominent leak.

There has been quite some debate about the rumors of a Silent Hill reboot recently – till industry insider KatharsisT blew the excitement out of the water. KatharsisT bumps the discussion thread with “It’s too calm here. It won’t last long.” On being asked about the date of the announcement, also suggests that the game will be getting revealed during the PlayStation 5 reveal event. It has already been leaked that Hideo Kojima was not interested in working on the game, mostly because of Sony’s reluctance to fund the project. It would certainly be difficult to imagine a Silent Hill without Kojima, that’s for sure.

Sony hasn’t come up with a date for the PlayStation 5 reveal event yet, however, there are some speculations that they are likely to take place on 13th May.

As usual, take this with a pinch of salt until the announcement comes through.

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