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Hideo Kojima is a guy who needs no introduction. One of the most iconic developers in the gaming industry, Kojima has made quite a name for himself in recent times. Most folk (like me) know him for the Metal Gear series, something which we grew up playing (and loving!). People also know him for the Silent Hill series –  some of the scariest video games gamers could lay their hands on. There have been rumors that a new Silent Hill is in development with Kojima at the helm.

Hideo Kojima is working on a new Silent Hill according to a rumor.

However, according to a new leak today, that’s not the case.

Industry insiders KatharsisT has suggested that Kojima Productions has recently received a huge offer which is “impossible to refuse”. This offer, however, doesn’t come from Sony. Apparently Sony wasn’t pleased with Death Stranding’s sales and has refused to fully finance the development of a new VR Silent Hill that Hideo wants to work on. Speculation suggests that even if Sony doesn’t fund the new Silent Hill’s production fully, the game might eventually see the light of the day – even though it won’t be an exclusive. KatharsisT, however, couldn’t shed any light on the company that has made the “offer” to Kojima Productions.

There’s some amount of speculation going on that the new “offer” is for the production of a VR game, and the company making the offer is Oculus. Oculus has been throwing money around – one notable investment being the deal with Ubisoft for the production of a new Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed game in VR. Kojima has expressed interest in making a VR game, adding more fuel to the rumors.

KatharsisT is an industry insider who has given accurate information on quite a few leaks in the past, adding credibility to this rumor. However, like all rumors, take this with a pinch of salt till an official confirmation comes through.

  1. VR? Why? We just want a new Silent Hill game from Kojima without the Oculus or in VR. And this is definitely a wrong decision by Sony not to support Kojima for a new Silent Hill Game. Everyone wants Silent Hills to come back. Is it that hard?

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