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Signify Is Your First Invitee for the DOTA 2 Master League of the ESL India Premiership

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They came,they saw,they conquered. That’s how they took over the Indian DOTA 2 scene, extending their sphere of influence far and wide, even in tournaments outside India. Yes, this team is the one featuring a roster of players with names in the DOTA 2 leaderboards – none other than Signify!

Signify is the first invitee to the DOTA 2 Master League of the ESL India Premiership. Continued domination in the Indian scene, as well as decent performance in tournaments outside India means that Signify has the edge over the others. But DOTA 2 is a game of strategy – one simple move can change the path of the game. Will they continue to dominate the scene, or be thrashed in competition by promising beginners?

The only way to know, are to watch the matches yourself.

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