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Physical sports like football have had a valued place in our society for thousands of years, and it’s unlikely they will ever disappear, but the digital world is dominating our entertainment choices these days and growing exponentially. From socializing and dating to online casinos and even movies & TV, the online world is taking over everything… and sports is next on the chopping block.

What are eSports?

To generalize, they are competitive online games with millions of fans worldwide, professional leagues, million dollar prizes, well-paid star players, team loyalty and merchandising, and seasons with live attendance events in massive sports arenas complete with celebrity entertainment. Sound familiar?

But are eSports just a niche? Consider this, one particularly exciting NBA game final that was aired on ABC got just over 26 million views. That same year, the League of Legends eSport final aired on a relatively unknown streaming site to over 32 million viewers. The number one eSport is by far the Multiple Online Battle Arena (MOBA). The official leagues for these hugely popular eSports are already being televised on ESPN and other mainstream “Sports” networks, and the number of options and viewers are constantly rising year by year.

In a word… yes! The growth of the eSport fan population is off the charts, and for good reason too. Like football and other mainstream sports, eSports offers heart-pounding excitement, conflict, comradery, drama, and plenty of stats and speculation for a night out with the boys… or girls.

Given the easy accessibility for analysis and viewing, it’s probably not a surprise to you that millions around the world are spicing up the excitement by betting on the eSports game outcomes. Betting sites are now covering all the popular leagues with very attractive software platforms that offer a wealth of data and gaming options. With team and player profiles, massive cash prizes, and even a social network, armchair sports has never been so interesting and exciting.

As home computers increase in power, and 3D and Virtual technology improves, it’s only a question of time before eSports permanently take the throne. Give it a try and see for yourself why millions of fans are choosing eSports over traditional sports.

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