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Stone Blade Entertainment in collaboration with Temple Gates Games is bringing the deckbuilding game, Shards of Infinity, to iOS, Android, and Steam!

Designed by Justin Gary and Gary Arant, Shards of Infinity combines strategy and customization. Stone Blade Entertainment is known for some of our favorite games, and Shards of Infinity is their hit follow-up to the award winning deckbuilding game, Ascension. Shards of Infinity introduces the Mastery mechanic, giving players multiple paths to victory in a quick, cutthroat game that leaves us wanting to play just one more game.

At Temple Gates Games we have a history of working with board game publishers. We specialize in digitizing card games including Race for the Galaxy, Roll for the Galaxy and Ascension, the first deckbuilding game to take place in virtual reality.

Shards of Infinity has some elements in common with Ascension, for example deckbuilding, but there are some new twists that change the core dynamics. Direct damage can be dealt to players, making a choice for whether it’s best to disable their engine or go straight for the jugular. There’s a mastery mechanic that lets players level up their cards for increased effects.

The digital version of Shards of Infinity will release in Spring 2019 for $7.99 across all platforms. Players will enjoy local pass-and-play, asynchronous multiplayer, and can take on challenging AI opponents! At Temple Gates Games, we integrate smart AI that uses neural network technology. Our goal is to kick the challenge level up a notch!

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